Flesh: Part Fifteen by Sky Corgan

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31 pages | HQ EPUB/MOBI/KINDLE/PDF | ISBN: N/A | Published June 26th 2015

Like dominoes they fall, one after the other.
All that Amy can think about is making things right with Lucian. She was horrible to him last time they were together, lashing out at him verbally in a fit of anger. Now regret is piling on, and a new submissive side of her is coming out.

Nothing is what it seems though as her world tilts on its axis. Lucian is playing the dismissive game again. And Amy has far too much on her plate to have time to deal with it between things going wrong at work and Janice being emotionally shattered after ramping up the intensity at Flesh.

Heat level: Hot

This is the fifteenth installment in an episodic series.
**A KindleUnlimited series**

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